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About us

Bell Electric LLC is a locally owned and operated business serving the entire Oklahoma City metro area. We are fully licensed (#63886) and insured in the state of Oklahoma. Bell Electric completes each project in order to meet the customers goals and will get it done right the first time. Professional workmanship, cleanliness, honest reliable service and long term satisfaction are primary goals for Eric and his staff. We want you as a customer - not just for your job today but for many years and jobs to come. Call us today and join the list of many satisfied clients.



Service Panel upgrades


Old wiring can present hazards to your property and family. Overloaded circuits, deteriorating breakers and insufficient loads are just some of the problems you can be effected by. We are experienced in inspecting, planning and installing new electrical systems for your home. We will work with your local electric company if needed to protect your home. At Bell Electric we know both safety and cost are a priority for you and want to ensure we give you the knowledge and peace of mind that the job is being completed in compliance with all local codes and requirements. Your safety matters!



Lighting can change the entire feel of a room. Inside or out we can assist you with installation of new light fixtures, outdoor home lighting, safety/flood lights, sconce, ceiling fans and more. Did you know that a dimmer can be a simple addition to ensure you have the right amount of lighting every time. There are many different kinds of dimmers to meet your needs.



A loose outlet can be not only frustrating but dangerous. Do you have to bend your vacuum or other plug to get it to stay in the outlet? If so, you should consider changing the old worn-out plug for a new safe one. This small change can make a huge difference for you. Did you know that we can install an outlet that has a direct USB port? HOW COOL! No more looking for a wall adaptor - just grab your phone charger cord and plug it right in!

Outdoor living


Outdoor living spaces can increase the space and value of your property. We can assist you in getting your outdoor room just perfect. We can adding lighting to your pergola, add outlets for your kitchen or pond area. We can complete all underground wiring for your new pool, power to the hot tub, power for your well or outbuilding, or just change out that ugly light fixture. Maximize your space and transform that blank patio into an open-air living room powered by Bell Electric.




Where Quality Rings True

Safety and Quality are our #1 concern.

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